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Religion, Magic, and the Pantheon

If you do not see a god or patron that will fit your character or playstyle, please let me know and I will work with you to create one.

Gods of Rymura

The Controller Gods
Dicium the Law Giver – Goddess of OrderLNThree Vertical Bars in Parallel
Kirallin – Goddess of Light and LifeLGLily
Kulindra – Goddess of DeathLNSilver Net
Salix – God of NatureNGreen Circle
Thystre the Unbound – Architect of RuinCETeeth Biting a Black Stone
Tonks – God of Knowledge and MagicNCodex Scroll
Known SaintsPrimary ConcernSymbol
Agrinor the UncleanDiseaseLocust Leg
Ayms the SibylDivinationCrystal Orb
Banath the Master of MasksThieveryInverted Triangle with Circled Point
Bontwain the PureHealersGold Bow
Byron the ForgemasterArtisans/CultureHarp or Smiths Hammer
Dulmarth the CleansedRedemptionWhite Heater Shield
Einhasad the PreserverWilderness/Untamed NatureWhite Flower on Green
El-Morin the SilentSolitude/PeaceBlue Snowflake
Eva the BountifulAgricultureSheaf of Wheat
Familor the ChainedPacts and SecretsBlack Manacles
Ishtar the BeautifulAmbition/FateTwo Dice, One Pip and Six Pips
Kelmarik the ConfessorSeeker of Justice/VengeanceInverted Flame
Loial the TirelessTravel/AdventureWorn Boot or Wagon Wheel
Mar the Immortal CaptainSails/SeaRed Stylized Fishhook
Moraine the PurifierAgainst Undead/EvilGauntleted Fist
Relomdra the Demon SaintDemonsBlue Sword on Blood Drop
Sarillen the DeceiverUncovering Lies and DeceptionPiece of Reflective Metal
Somniatella the StarwalkerNight/Twilight/DreamsFour Pointed Star
Vora the HarbingerConquestTwo Swords in Parallel
Other Known Gods: Extraplaner
Dubh Catha – Lord of the ShadowfellShadowfellNECrows Head in Profile
The Raven Queen – Goddess of UndeathShadowfellNERaven Head in Profile
Neltelantol – The Great DryadFeywildNGGold Leaf
Sylinus – The Great SatyrFeywildCGSatyr Horns
Bilbdolpoolp – Sea Mother of the Kuo-ToaUnderdarkCEBlack Pearl
Lady of Pain – Goddess of the Astral PlaneAstral/WaysNNone
Gruumsh – Chief God of Orcs and OrogsNishrekCEGruumsh’s Triangle
Bane – The Dark OneGehennaLEBlack Hand
Great Grandmother Stemrot – Night HagUnknownNEBleeding Inverted Rose
Demon Lord Yeenoghu – Prince of GnollsThe AbyssCEThree Headed Flail
Maglubiyet – Iron One, Chief of GoblinoidsAcheronLEBloody or Black Ax
Asgorath – The Concordant DragonUnknownNGMulticolored Metallic Disk

Description of Gods and Saints

The Following are short descriptions of the Gods of Rymura (and extraplanar gods): Listed Alphabetically.
[Work in Progress] More detailed descriptions and write-ups are available if interested.

Agrinor the Unclean

Saint of Suffering and Pestilence

Maxim: The Corrupter of Flesh
Symbol: A Locust Leg
Description: Agrinor was an alchemist in the thriving city of Halcyon where he made his living selling concoctions to cure the many ailments that were prevalent in the Halcyon society. As the city continued to expand and prosper, the divide between poor and elite grew; deadlier sicknesses began to run rampant in the destitute areas of Halcyon, killing its citizens in droves. The people went to the nobles and chancellors for aid, but the wealthy would do nothing to help the poor souls who were being affected.

Enraged by this injustice, Agrinor infected himself with a particularly deadly sickness before going to a gala that would be attended by many of the influential personages of Halcyon. Within weeks the plague had devastated the city's elites causing their flesh to corrupt, bloat, and wither. Soon the entire city was sick and dying except for the poor whom Agrinor had inoculated against the disease. The common people hailed Agrinor as a hero and, when he was finally brought to justice, deified him as a Saint of Thystre for providing justice to the corrupt and greedy of the world.

The Ordained: Agrinor's ordained, few that there are, call themselves Plague Bearers. They believe each disease is a gift and a chance for the inflicted to reflect on how good their lives were. The Plague Bearers seek out areas of disease or sickness and render aid.

Known Sects/Cults: Black Alchemists - As the name would suggest, the members of this sect are underworld Alchemists and Leeches who use their knowledge to help the sick and dying, for a price.

Ayms the Sibyl

Saint of Divination

Maxim: The Pulled Thread
Symbol: A Crystal Orb
Description: Ayms was a hermit who dwelt on the edge of the ancient kingdom of Kyore where locals would come from near and far to receive her readings and bone castings. However, after the son of a rich merchant had died at the time, and in the way, that Ayms had predicted: Rumblings began that Ayms was the one responsible for the son’s demise. As with most things that touch on the arcane and unknown, the people were soon driven by ignorance and fear as they surrounded the home of Ayms and set fire to its roof. As Ayms burned, suffering in agony, looking out on the faces of those who hated and feared her, she foretold one last vision: A Demon gate was going to be opened by the Cult of the Lidless in an abandoned warehouse in the Capitol of Kyore.

Ayms, with her last words, did not condemn or curse those who murdered her, but instead chose to save untold lives as the Cult of the Lidless was stopped before their plans could come to fruition. The story of Ayms altruism, even in the face of hatred and death, spread across the lands and soon she became known as Ayms the Sibyl, Saint of Tonks.

The Ordained: Oracles of Ayms are known to possess potent foresight abilities. They are often called upon, or appear, at the crossroads of great decisions that shape future events. They believe that Ayms provides information of what could happen, not what will happen, and that it is up to the individual to use that information, not for the Oracles to intervene.

Banath the Master of Masks

Saint of Thievery

Maxim: The Weighted Dice
Symbol: Inverted Triangle with Circled Point
Description: You will likely never see his holy symbol displayed out in the open unless you know where to look. Tithes are sometimes offered at the church of Banath in an effort to ward off thieves and protect cargo.

The Ordained: The ordained of Banath, called Masks, live by the two tenets: "Thieves Prosper" and "The rich must remember". They do their best to help, hide, and support members of the various organizations of thieves. Masks also aim to remind the privileged of the world that they are not gods; dealing out what could be their only punishment this side of divine retribution.

Bontwain the Pure

Saint of Healers

Maxim: The Blind Healer
Symbol: Gold Bow

Byron the Forgemaster

Saint of Artisans and Culture

Maxim: The Blacksmith Poet, The Tireless Worker
Symbol: Harp or Smiths Hammer
Description: Also known as Byron the Poet, followers of Byron are staunchly devoted. Worshipers believe their art or craft lives and dies at his will. Blacksmiths invoke his name when trying to make items of special significance or certain prominence.

Dicium the Law Giver

God of Law and Order

Maxim: The Iron Hand.
Symbol: Three Vertical Bars in Parallel
Description: Originally a Goddess of Death and Judgement during the Time of Turmoil, Dicium released the sole moniker of death to Kulindra and took up the mantle of law after Astalon was slain at The Second Battle of Heavens Fall.

The Ordained: Adjudicators of Dicium routinely travel to outlying villages and hamlets to help settle disputes or act as impartial judges.

Dubh Catha

Lord of the Shadowfell

Maxim: Lord of Black, The Dark Crow
Symbol: Crow head in profile
Common Followers: Darklings, some Firbolgs, other denizens of the Shadowfell.
Description: Cast out of the Feywild. Dubh Catha quickly became feared in the Shadowfells. Together with his Darkling brethren, he builds his power for his inevitable strike against the Feywild. He is at odds with The Raven Queen as she too wishes to control the Shadowfell.


Jaggerjack: Located in the Prime Material Plane, Jaggerjack belongs to a sect of Firbolgs who are far more militaristic and violent then their nature inclined cousins. He was one of the Stone Bearers and escaped The Second Battle of Heavens Fall with the help of Dubh Catha. Jaggerjack is now a Darkling hybrid who leads an army of Firbolgs and Darklings serving Dubh Catha’s will.

Dulmarth the Cleansed

Saint of Redemption

Maxim: Shield of the Weak.
Symbol: White Heater Shield.
Description: "A person is better than the worst thing they have done in the world." Dulmarth was a soldier during the siege of Beliskner. By the second month of the siege the city was dying, food was scarce, the dead were piling up, and the writing was on the wall: Beliskner would fall. Bribed by the enemy, Dulmarth betrayed the city and let the attacking army through the gates allowing them to take control of Beliskner. Part of their bargain was to quickly end the assault and allow food and relief to the citizens of the city, the enemy army did not honor that deal: their soldiers sacked the city and killed scores Belisker's people in the streets.

Wracked by guilt for his deed, Dulmarth began a months long crusade against the officers and leaders of the enemy army. He killed captains, generals, and knights before sacrificing himself as the Summit of Three Rivers: Killing the King, the king's wizard, and two advisors. Moved by his personal crusade for justice, Dicium raised him to the rank of Saint.

The Ordained: Members of the Vigilance of Dulmarth travel to villages on the outskirts of civilization lending their protection to anyone who has need. They are often seen traveling with merchant caravans who only need pay them in food.

Known Sects/Cults: The Pale Hand - An austere group dedicated to collecting donations and coin for the less fortunate. Most temples dedicated to Saint Dulmarth also double as orphanages.

Einhasad the Preserver

Saint of Untamed Nature.

Maxim: The Red Jawed Hunter.
Symbol: White Tread-Softly on a Green Circle
Description: Einhasad has been represented as both a man and a wolf. Hunters ask for his blessing when taking a killing shot, and scouts say a prayer that they will remain hidden. Because of old scripture describing Einhasad as a wolf, he is also worshiped by those afflicted with lycanthropy.

Einhasad was a Druid who led an army of beasts against the then Rumari Empire when they tried to expand their territory into the Black Forest, even awaking tree and shrub to fight the invaders, eventually turning them back and out of the Black Forest. Though losing his life in the final days of the fight, Einhasad's magic lingers and has transformed the once peaceful forest into The Creeping Wode that still persists today. Salix, the God of Nature, took Einhasad into his domain and anointed him Einhasad the Preserver, Saint of Untamed Wilderness.

The Ordained: The Hunters of Einhasad are skilled members of the church that everyday citizens can petition to take care of random and roving beasts who stray too close to centers of civilization. A Mountain Troll is threating a small hamlet? A pack of Griffons are killing livestock? Call in a Hunter.

Known Sects/Cults: The Divine Teeth - A group of lycanthropes who seek out and destroy evil. They will also destroy those who have been affected with the "gift" of lycanthropy but give in to their baser urges.

El-Morin the Silent

Saint of Winter, Solitude, and Peace

Maxim: The Lady of Long Silence.
Symbol: Blue Snowflake
Description: The Saint of Winter is typically worshipped by hermits and those that cherish the solitude and silence of night. Many say a prayer to El-Morin during the Midwinter festival. Seen as neither benevolent nor malicious.

Eva the Bountiful

Saint of Agriculture.

Maxim: Lady Spring.
Symbol: A Sheaf of Wheat

Familor the Chained

Saint of Secrets and Pacts.

Maxim: The pact maker.
Symbol: Black Manacles
Known Sects/Cults: The Fulcrum - An elite assassins guild. A contract with the fulcrum, once paid for and signed, is followed to the letter as zealously as if Familor himself had signed it.

Great Grandmother Stemrot

Powerful Night Hag

Symbol: A Bleeding Inverted Rose
Common Followers: Some Hags and Warlocks
Description: Little is known about Great Grandmother Stemrot other than her name and that other Hags fear her. Her location is unknown, but her hand has been seen in some of the crueler plots that have affected the Prime Material Plane.

Ishtar the Beautiful

Saint of Ambition, Luck, and Fate

Maxim: The nudge.
Symbol: Two white dice - one pip and six pips
Description: The Lady Ishtar does not discriminate. All intelligent creatures want something, and all will risk things to get it: Ishtar is merely there to see, or help, the dice fall. Her name will often be used as a curse when befallen by a bad decision, or ill luck.

Kelmarik the Confessor

Saint of Vengeance and Revenge, Seeker of Justice.

Symbol: An Inverted Flame.
Description: Kelmarik was an Adjudicator of Dicium during the First Age of Man and was well respected for her quick mind, fair rulings, and impartialness.

During an investigation in the city of Lang-Lae, Kelmarik discovered corruption within the Church of Dicium itself. Unable to convince, or trust, her own superiors in the church; Kelmarik began a detailed crusade against the evil that had infected Lang-Lae’s temples.

From the shadows, Adjudicator Kelmarik gathered evidence and confessions as she bloodily climbed the ranks of the corrupt clergy before finally being slain in the Room of Ennoblement by the Exalted One of Lang-Lae himself.

Though dead, Kelmarik’s evidence and crusade exposed the truth: A small army of Adjudicators descended upon Lang-Lae, cleansing the remaining heretics in blood and fire.

The Most Holy Antredes of Holt is said to have directly petitioned Dicium the Law Giver to raise Kelmarik to sainthood. The request granted, she became known as Saint Kelmarik the Confessor, Seeker of Justice, and now works under the purview of Dicium.

Known Sects/Cults: Seekers of Kelmarik are investigators of sorts: If there are suspicions that someone has escaped deserved judgment for crimes most heinous, Seekers will do their own investigations. If the accused is found guilty for their odious acts, the Seeker will carry out divine retribution swiftly and without mercy.

Due to their judgements being known to overrule that of an Adjudicator of Dicium, the two orders are known to have a contentious relationship.


Goddess of Light and Life.

Maxim: The Lady of Light.
Symbol: A Lily
Description: Kirallin is a benevolent goddess worshipped by many who find family and home most important in life. She is often portrayed as a kind elderly grandmother.

Kulindra (Kul)

Goddess of Death

Maxim: She who waits. The caster of nets.
Symbol: A Silver Net
Description: When a mortal dies its soul is ushered to Kulindra’s Gate, there it sits in judgement from Kulindra herself for how the soul lived in life. The clergy of Kulindra do not seem to age, you may see an old priestess, but she will look in her early twenties. Most priests and priestesses of the goddess of death have a morose aura about them.

Loial the Tireless

Saint of Travel and Adventure

Maxim: The Tireless Wanderer.
Symbol: A Worn Boot or A Wagon Wheel.
Description: Loial is also known as the saint of the open road. Worshiped by merchants and wanderers alike, many will say a quick prayer to Loial before starting a long journey.

Mar the Immortal Captain

Saint of Sails

Maxim: The Immortal Captain
Symbol: Mar's Fishhook
Description: Victim of a vicious mutiny when he was mortal, Mar, captain on the Dreadnought's Regard, was thrown overboard into the deep. Pledging his soul to Salix, the God of Nature, he waited there, biding his time. A chance drowning by another sailor many years later allowed him an escape and a chance to reclaim his ship and sail the seas one more.

Moraine the Purifier

Saint of Opposition to Undead and Evil

Maxim: The Divine Light
Symbol: Gauntleted Fist


The Great Dryad

Maxim: The Mother of Trees
Symbol: A Gold Leaf
Common Followers: The majority of Elves in the Prime Material Plane.
Description: Neltelantol dwells deep in the Feywild. She is the source of most of the Elven Spellweavers powers, making the majority of Tel’Na’Gren and Tarcian spell casters warlocks. She watches over her subjects in the Fey, and in the Prime Material Plane, with endearment and love as they share the same affinity for growing and green things as she does.

Relomdra the Demon Saint

Saint of Havoc and Demon Worshipers

Maxim: The Sower of Seeds
Symbol: Blue Sword on a Blood Drop
Description: Former Goddess of War and Strife. Relomdra was cast into the Abyss during the Second Battle of Heavens Fall, she quickly returned to the battlefield as a Demon Lord leading an army from The Abyss. She was struck down and was forced to retreat into the Abyss at the Temple of the Three Sisters.


God of Nature

Maxim: The Verdant
Symbol: A Green Circle
The Ordained: Preservers of Salix concern themselves with keeping the natural places of the world free of corruption.

Sarillen the Deceiver

Saint of Uncovering Lies and Deception.

Maxim: The Unseen.
Symbol: A Piece of Reflective Metal.

Somniatella the Starwalker

Saint of Dreams, Nightmares, Saint of the Night

Symbol: Four Pointed Star
Description: Somniatella has been known to visit users dreams and give them advice or assistance; the sleeper will often wake up with an item they do not remember owning. She is known as the Saint of the Night, as such, some Vampires have taken up worship of her.

The Ordained: The most gifted of Somniatella's followers are known as Dream Walkers, able to enter peoples dreams and communicate with them or use it as a method of travel by exiting a user’s dream within their physical vicinity.


The Great Satyr

Maxim: The Horn of Battle
Symbol: Satyr Horns
Common Followers: The majority of Elves in the Prime Material Plane.
Description: While all elves acknowledge Neltelentol’s power and domain over nature, many elves also pay respect to Sylinus. The great satyr protector guards the Fey from enemies and embodies the very essence of an elven warrior: vigilance, dedication, and passion. Elven warriors who have proven themselves in battle are often seen with satyr horns embroidered on their armor.

Thystre the Unbound

God of Madness, Darkness, and Chaos.

Maxim: The Unbound, The Architect of Ruin
Symbol: Teeth Biting a Black Stone
Description: The Unbound One is a being of pure madness and Chaos. As such, he is not bound by the rules of the other gods follow and often walks the Prime Material Plane causing havoc and devastation to further his own ends. He was once defeated and locked away in the Prime Material Plane by an alliance of the other gods but was mistakenly set free by the Stone Bearers. He was last seen at the Battle at Three Sisters where he was responsible for the death of Astalon, and the turning of Relomdra into a Demon Lord.


God of Knowledge and Magic

Maxim: The Chronicler.
Symbol: A Codex Scroll
Description: Tonks is a neutral god that parts his wisdom on those he sees fit.

The Ordained: Those who rise high enough in the church of knowledge take on the moniker 'Chronicler'. They are dedicated to preserving the worlds information and are a font of knowledge for those that seek it.

Vora the Harbinger

Saint of Conquest

Maxim: The Lady of Swords.
Symbol: Two Thin Swords in Parallel
Description: When Relomdra fell from grace and became a Demon Lord, Vora became the only effigy of war. Her followers now hunt down the remaining followers of Demon Lord Relomdra who have become tainted by the Abyss.