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Character Creation Rules

Please review the below rules and restrictions prior to creating your character. Let me know if you see something you want to use that is not listed.

Character Creation


Roll for stats: 4d6dr1, 3d6, or 27 Point Buy. If rolling for stats, please do so in the in-game chat.

Customization/flavoring is allowed and encouraged. If you want something extra just run it by the DM.

Please review the Campaign Rules in case it affects your character.

Character Info

You are free to play as nobility, but you will be (or at least start as) a very minor noble.

If you have a negative INT modifier, you cannot read or write (this rule is optional, if you elect to follow this rule gain one extra tool proficiency).

Feel free to name your hometown and describe its location.

Creation Questions that would be helpful to tie in your stories:
What is, or was, your profession (how do, or did, you make a living)?
Do you have any family? Where do they live and what do they do?
Does your character have any short and/or long-term goals?


So, you’re a smalltime human farmer from western Tarmentis that is just starting out adventuring, how would you possibly have learned Elvish, Dwarvish, or Orcish having never seen such creatures? If, for background or RP purposes, you are looking for an alternative, consider these languages:

The Trade Language

If you can’t think of a valid reason your character might be fluent in another language, and want an alternative, consider selecting The Trade Language. The Trade Language is used by Shop Keepers, Peddlers, buyers, and sellers of many peoples to bridge the gap between races. The Trade Language is not extensive, but it’s a good way to tell an Elf huntsman that doesn’t speak common that you want X amount of rabbits for Y amount of copper, or warn of danger nearby.

Old Common

The current iteration of Common happened through years and years of evolution. However, many tomes in the old libraries, parchment found in chests, and madmen scrawling’s in caves are in Old Common. In addition, the old way to say a location might contain a clue or added information about that place. (Requirement: 12 INT or greater).

Ancient Dwarven

(The ‘Sylvan’ equivalent) Before the rise of humans, Elves ruled the land. However, the deep dark tunnels and caves of the world have always belonged to the Dwarves. (Requirement: 12 INT or greater).

Thieves Cant

The unrepentant thief is not the only one that has a use for the secret language of the underworld. Perhaps you used to be a peddler, and sometimes dealt with… items of suspect origin.

Equipment and Wealth

Adventuring Gear and Weight

When selecting an adventuring pack, please use the modified list located here. If you would rather use the packs located in the PHB, break out each item and give them an appropriate weight value.

Wealth and Coin

Copper is the default currency of the world, and gold is hard to come by for common folk. You can see a list of professions and estimated earnings here, and purchasable gear and services here (both WiP).

Ignore any starting gold you would get from your class, background, or any other source.

Starting wealth = (3d8+6 Silver (x2 Copper))*level. A roll of 19 = 19 Silver 38 Copper starting wealth. If you are starting at level 2, you would double that amount.

Races of Rymura

Inhabitants of civilization in Rymura consist primarily of humans (vast majority), elves, dwarves, halflings (hin), half-elves, and gnomes.

Rymuran races differ from standard 5e races: While I prefer you choose one of these custom races, you may still pick an offical wotc race if you choose.

A list of preferred Common and Exotic races for a Rymuran campaign are listed here. These races have stats and subraces that differ from the default setting. If you would like to play a race or use a feature that has been changed, or isn't listed, please let me know and I will work with you.

Class Changes and Restrictions

Please review the below list when selecting a Class, or Subclass, for possible changes or restrictions.

If the Class/Subclass you are taking is not in the PHB, XGE, SCAG, VGtM, MToF, or TCoE please okay it with the DM. All MCDM classes are allowed.

ClassSub-Class Changes or Restrictions
ArtificerAll: Does not fit world theme
BarbarianWild Magic: Custom WM table
ClericTwilight: Eyes of Night replaced
FighterRune Knight: Does not fit world theme
WizardOrder of Scribes: Minor changes to Manifest Mind

Spells/Feat Changes and Restrictions

Custom DM and Player made spells can be found here: Rymura Custom Spells

Please review the below list when selecting a feat for possible changes or restrictions.

If something is marked 'Restricted' that feat may not be taken.

If the feat you are taking is not in the PHB, XGE, SCAG, VGtM, MToF, or TCoE please okay it with the DM.

Spell/FeatChanges or Restrictions
HealerHappens during a Short or Long Rest, Character can only benefit once per short or long rest.
Silvery Barbs Level 1 Spell: The triggering creature must reroll the d20 and use the lower roll.

Upcast Level 2 Spell: You can then choose a different creature you can see... The chosen creature has advantage on the next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw...
Sharp ShooterEffects cannot be combined
Spell SniperEffects cannot be combined. Maximum range of spells requiring an attack roll increases by 30 ft